Mar 05,2018

All-American Stud Nick Paul FUCKS Melani Davis

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The popular Nick Paul is fuck another popular model of ours, Melani Davis. Both these two are very enthusiastic when they fuck and it shows in this video. We personally loved when Melani got on top of Nick and started rocking his world. That beautiful uncut cock of his was in Melani's stomach. Bottom line, these two can fuck.

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Education level: XXX
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dickie83 - 1 year ago

We ever gonna get Nick back? :D PLEASE!!!

samlip79 - 1 year ago

You guys should focus on nicks butt

AEY847gUW3sa - 2 years ago

Can never get enough of Nick Paul!

mK8cGSZU - 2 years ago


HktRBLuWm8 - 2 years ago

Is anyone else having issues with the download?

yMAUQsSK - 2 years ago

Thanks for bringing back Nick Paul! He is a great performer and has a hot body along with a funny personality. I always enjoy his scenes no matter who he is paired with. The cum shot at the end more than made up for the lack of sound in my opinion!

ryley004 - 2 years ago

It's too bad about the sound but hey things happen. The bottom line for me though is that I love Nick Paul and for me this scene was a hit! NP's moans and facial expressions are second to none! Please bring him back asap and pair him with Tori Blue!

88GewEPif - 2 years ago

No mic? That should have been a re-shoot.

GmcNmfHAm3px - 2 years ago

what a waste of time so very un-sexy

OfficialLaEl - 2 years ago

Please Refresh, video came out at midnight PACIFIC TIME. Full video available :)

Spartans987 - 2 years ago

video doesn't play

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