Apr 12,2019

Alpha Jock Kaleb Bell Destroys Autumn Payton

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Oh yes! We could sit back and watch superstar Kaleb Bell crush pussy all day long. This guy just knows how to FUCK! Autumn Payton was really looking forward to fucking Kaleb. Their energy and chemistry vibed as soon as they said hello. Those good vibes of course rolled over into the bedroom and left both of them with a huge smile on their face! SPOILER ALERT: Autumn had more than just a smile on her face...

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Education level: XXX
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QueenIsh - 2 weeks ago

Is there going to be more of him?? He is THE BEST on this site! Did he start an Only Fans??

boyboybl - 9 months ago

i wish the camera can shot his whole body with his face when he cum

Swimmer99b - 11 months ago

I hope this isn’t his last video we see

Swimmer99b - 11 months ago

Oops someone forgot how to put a rubber on right

tJTkxYFD2Uc7 - 1 year ago

I wish the guys removed their underwear before licking the girls out, as the views would be incredible!

mnmedia - 1 year ago

More of Kaleb please!

Hotnopolis - 1 year ago

He’s so hot I want more of him

metaldevilmc - 1 year ago

Kaleb is like a wwe wrestler with his movesets. Double armed pullback doggy style, upside down blowjob, standing missionary. Hits all the same marks. Keep the good work Kaleb

KalebBellFan - 1 year ago

Kaleb fucks these hoes the best. Bring him back from more!!!

JasonBeck - 1 year ago

It’s amazing that even right off the bat, Kaleb Bell nailed his first video. This guy is an all-star. Autumn Payton is also perhaps one of the best looking girls I’ve seen here and they make for a really sexy coupling. Great scene!

quentb - 1 year ago

For Kaleb being as hot as he is, this was so underwhelming. Wtf is going on with your camera crew? It honestly seems like you guys are in a frat house and you're only worried about documenting these escapades for the guys themselves instead of us.

pPRebrEtmGm - 1 year ago

so sexy, i like when caleb pre cums. call,, pls. kik me: garycruz444, let me give ya a nice bj

maxi81 - 1 year ago

I think the scene would've been hotter if there were shots of the classic missionary from the back and an aerial angle. But that missionary was too short and rushed to show anything hot. This scene just didn't do it for me but cute guy though...

sXvgjBvgEpJv - 1 year ago

No ass shots or missionary from the back? This is disappointing. There was more focus on the girl than the guy.

Reesinhd - 1 year ago

Fucking beast he puts it down every time

jko122 - 1 year ago

There's just one word for Kaleb: amazing! Bring him back soon ...

pPRebrEtmGm - 1 year ago

kaleb, kik me: garycruz444, i wanna suck your cock

KalebBellFan - 1 year ago

This is great, Kaleb started out as fan and now is the top stud at HGF fucking hoes. This is definitely his time to rein supeme in all the best pussy, more of Kaleb please!!!

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