Aug 19,2019

Asher Ramone With The Best Smile On HotGuysFuck FUCKS Bridgette Mathers

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Heart throb Asher Ramone returns to HotGuysFUCK! This aspiring male model is a perfect 10 in our books and the beautiful Bridgette Mathers certainly seems to think so too. A passionate, fuck is what Asher is all about. Slow and steady, but then will turn it up on you out of no where. Way to keep Bridgette on her toes Asher!

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BAPTIST45 - 8 months ago

I would like to see the director- Doc Tay Tay- take a flying leap out of the HGF studios permanently. He is so annoying. Can not stand the dude.

Tassia - 9 months ago

Give us a break director

rainbowgary - 9 months ago

I do like when the director gets the BJ. I wish he would go ahead and make it a 3 way.

robby3922 - 9 months ago

yeah they were about to fuck without a condom (so hot and wish there was more) and then the camera guy fucking ruined it....

reyyayaayyyy - 9 months ago

You know how the director often says the viewers wish he would STFU? Correction: We want you to piss off in general, seriously stop intruding on the videos. Talk a bit at the start, point the camera, stfu and stay out. This is filler junk

JasonBeck - 9 months ago

Asher is great as usual, but seriously man-the director indulging in the talent-which is completely planned btw is getting gross, pervy, cringy and NOT what I come here for. Half of the updates over the past three weeks have had these scenes. HALF.

JasonBeck - 9 months ago

On today's episode of "Faceless cocks get blowjobs" we're not only going to shove a "spontaneous" Director BJ scene in at the end to take away from the main event, we're going to hijack the entire scene to shove one in DURING as well!

Jko122 - 9 months ago


BunsEye - 9 months ago

I hate guys who look into the camera. Looking at the camera is a sign of narcissism. For it's taking time away from focusing on your partner. Think of a viewer as being a non-disruptive fly on the wall.

JasonBeck - 9 months ago

Looking forward to this one. "Asher! Asher! Asher! Whoot woot!"

sXvgjBvgEpJv - 9 months ago

YES! He's back and HOT AF! I'm looking forward to this update!

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