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Home Videos Behind The Scenes: Brock Fisher and Leo Woodman Pre Gaming the way Studs Should!

Behind The Scenes: Brock Fisher and Leo Woodman Pre Gaming the way Studs Should!

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Behind The Scenes: Brock Fisher and Leo Woodman smacking on some eggs before their scenes start for the day!

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  • memberCfs6FFZ1F2KjYpNh -

    I don’t know why many people dislike a lot for recent clips. For example, Cody Kaladin did absolutely great job for his most recent clip with Brianna. Just enjoy watching and send positive vibes to those performers. So they will definitely comeback more often

  • DirectorT -

    Haters are gonna hate. its what they do. A lot of it comes from the copy cat sites out here who want to replicate what we have.

  • Hottynum1 -

    This site seriously needs comment moderation because what’s really ugly is some of these keyboard villains who have zero filters. One can only hope that they’ll actually follow through on their threats to never return. The site is called hot GUYS fuck, but it’s clear now that common sense ain’t common. The very idea of the site is to appeal to people who want to watch hot GUYS. The focus is on the GUYS. The concept is NOT to feature seasoned porn stars. The concept is to provide voyeuristic scenes of “everyday ppl, all American GUY next door types.” And so we get initial and follow up shower interviews. We get behind the scenes shoots etc. Many of these are first time performers and so the initial nerves are understandable. Part of the charm of the site is seeing how some of the new GUYS will handle their first porn shoot. Will they go the distance? Will they overcome the initial nerves? Most do. Some are obviously better than others. Every scene is NOT going to be a slam dunk. It’s all part of the experience. Perhaps it doesn’t hurt to explain the production schedule or provide a calendar/ voting option for when the tryouts might make an appearance. I just honestly think comment moderation would help dial back some of the ugliness.

    nQyeJJvHUrgF -

    I agree, and I'll forever be fascinated by the sheer number of people who have chosen to be angrily obsessed with this particular porn studio. I totally love their work, but it's fine if you don't! Move on with your lives, people, there is so much porn out there! As you say, this is one of the few porn studios that show us amateur guys doing straight porn while focusing on them and their experience. The interviews and breaking the 4th wall are a great part of the experience. I love the way they are done.

    memberx32sURH4BeXXOG5f -

    I don't understand why people would be so mad about a free video for subscribers. It's not like they posted this 1 minute video in-place of one of the twice a week drops. It's extra... skip it if you don't like it.