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Home Videos BEST Teen Sex: Kyle Dean FUCKS Blonde Stephanie Amato

BEST Teen Sex: Kyle Dean FUCKS Blonde Stephanie Amato

 | views: 1043825 2%

This may be the last video to ever hit the internet of Kyle Dean getting his fuck on. Unfortunately, he's ran into some trouble and may not be in front of a produced camera, for quite sometime. Kyle on the other hand still looks fucking sexy in this video paired up with Stephanie Amato. What really makes this scene is both of these hot teens really know how to fuck.

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  • Usn123 -

    Its so sad Kyle passed away, he was one of the best performer in the adult industry.

  • Papaflumbus -

    Poor fella too young to go rip. But on the other hand bring Stephanie back she's a fucking deamon

  • Spartans987 -


  • ynuMpr2hxip2 -

    So, so sad that he died - only 21.

  • Ezywise3 -

    So Sad he died on September 28,2018. Just 21. RIP

  • ch1515 -

    Hot vid. Kyle is fucking sexy. Really love the massage cock at the end.

  • mK8cGSZU -

    He look alike Justin Bieber 😱

  • 7msjksrJewPe -

    Very true Tiberian. Kyle may be bottoming without pay.

  • XzyMEe9mjdvk -

    How do I change my user name and password??

  • CFY5CTxnQuiR -

    Made me laugh out loud alot! I want to fuck the cameraman!

  • CFY5CTxnQuiR -

    This 18 year old boy is 'arnold swartzenager' big! Perfect physic. What kind of trouble was he in? They made a sweet looking pair!

  • CFY5CTxnQuiR -

    Cameraman must of thought 'holy shit' when these two started fucking. Definitely 'jack rabbits'! It was great seeing two 18 year olds loving and learning sex! They both need to slow down a bit then they will really find out what great orgasms r

  • NaFvaKm8SkNS -

    Kyle Dean be power fuckin & deep strokin these bitches out in the best way so that these hoes never forget! #KDFucksBest

  • banned -

    who else hates the unessecessary interview

  • NaFvaKm8SkNS -

    Kyle Dean is a fucking legend & will forever be the best thing that porn has even witness. No matter what, this dude can really fuck unlike some of these lame ass professional porn guys in the game. Hopefully he will make a return back, long live KD!

  • Swimmer99b -

    He ain't still 18

  • davie69 -

    possibly the best couple yet

  • tiberian -

    i think you will find being in prison limits his availability.

  • FV8LPf2Fb2eV -

    so sad for Kyle Dean 's leaving. Anyway, this show was so sexy and hot!!! Love him!