Oct 19,2018

Big Daddy Dom Knight FUCKS Rachel Ford

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Craving some more Dom Knight? We don't blame you. That's why we gave him a call to see if he was ready to come back and destroy some more pussy. After Dom answered our phone call on the first ring, we were buying his ticket to come visit us 5 minutes later. This all-American is a no B.S. type of guy... and damn that is refreshing! Rachel Ford is a lucky lady! Dom's personality rolls over into the bedroom which equates to just what you think. A blue-collard, hard working, hunk of man meat with a sex drive to die for. Once you are in Dom's arms, he isn't letting you go until your pussy is good and sore. He uses Rachel like she is his very own personal sex toy. The thing is... Rachel loved every minute of it and wouldn't have it any other way ;)

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Education level: XXX
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bbfuckalot - 8 months ago

Fuck yeah Dom is HUGE AF! Now and he's horny as fuck like me. Looks HAF when we are both poundin big dicks deep making them open up Get him doing DP scnes

Craiglucas1 - 1 year ago

Mored of Dom Knight.... PLEASE !!!! He. Is. Fucking. Amazing.

Shawnsilber - 1 year ago

What is the deal with this girl? She is a solid 10!! Is she on any other sites?

jgcincychop - 1 year ago

yo im instantly turned on when we see extended amount of time with the stud in his underwear...

Charliedao - 1 year ago

She really cum. That is amazing !

malelookingfun - 1 year ago

i havent seen this girl cum until this video, even she fucks every guy on here. more pls

sXvgjBvgEpJv - 1 year ago

Bring him back.

nQyeJJvHUrgF - 1 year ago

This guy has such a great build.

rockmymtn - 1 year ago

Thanks HGF Team - This guy is a legend along with Max Warner, Derek Jones, Collin Simpson, Sean Costin to name a few. Great vid - pounds nicely!

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