Aug 03,2018

Big Dick Dane Dublin Fucks Jazmine Garcia

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Whoa... Check out our new guy Dane Dublin! This handsome stud isn't only easy on the eyes, he will make your eyes go WIDE once you see his big cock! Jazmine Garcia did just that when Dane flopped it out for the first time. It was pure instinct for her to just shove it in her mouth and start pleasing. What a good girl! The heat only intensifies for these two from there. Dane had never been with a Latina before but had always been interested. Once this hot fuck session is over, it is clear that Dane will be on the hunt for more bad ass Latinas like Jazmine in no time.

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Education level: XXX
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BAPTIST45 - 8 months ago


Hotjocks1234 - 10 months ago

Please bring this man back

digidydawg89 - 10 months ago

Why hasn't this guy been brought back for another scene?

j10sman - 1 year ago

Love this guy. Too bad only one video. He is one of your hottest (if not THE hottest) guys featured on your site.

DirtyLikJango - 1 year ago

Fan of Jazmine

Swimmer99b - 1 year ago

He is fucking hawt af

dinodino17 - 1 year ago

Dane can really fuck hands down.....!!!!

Jaystone46307 - 1 year ago

Need to update more frequent the more you have people wait for videos paying to wait days and weeks for videos just waste money and we could just go some where else for better videos with no condoms

digidydawg - 1 year ago

this guy really knows how to fuck a pussy right, please bring him back :)

powermarkus - 1 year ago

Dane is one of the most talented performers on this website.

Amazedbyporn - 1 year ago

Yea for sure y'all need to bring Dane back to fuck more bitches. This nigga is alpha as fuck and deserves all the top notch pussy "HGF" has to offer. Let a nigga beat it up raw next time tho lol

rharrington1998 - 1 year ago

more of dane please!

tiberian - 1 year ago

This is more like it .more of DANE.The only disappointment not BAREBACK .MORE SCENES WITHOUT CONDOMS

Reesinhd - 1 year ago

Yeah definitely a fucking stud ,bring him back

Amazedbyporn - 1 year ago

This guys is officially in my top picks for HGF!!!

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