Sep 01,2017

Blonde College Boy Kyle Holmes FUCKS Alex Morgan

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Kyle Holmes and Alex Morgan were another hot couple that contacted us to film. They both have sexual appetites and wanted to have some fun on camera with someone else who was hot. Alex's big booty was not match for Kyle's big dick. These 2 had great chemistry and even fucked off camera that evening, so Kyle says...

Education level: XXX
# of sex partners: XXX
Sign: ? Members only XXX
Education level: XXX
# of sex partners: XXX
Sign: ? Members only XXX
CRAZYPORNFAN - 4 months ago

BRING HIM BACK PLEASE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

JasonBeck - 1 year ago

The hottest thing about this scene is the fact that Kyle is tremendously turned on. You can't fake pre-cum and he's leaking oil right around the 13 minute mark. Kyle is insanely beautiful but I would love to see him with hotter girls.

Gcyp4KQUKuFU - 2 years ago

Lol at the cumshot!!

PCuXYAbEFUjW - 2 years ago

He deserves to be with Tori next! Those two would blow up the camera and the cameraman with it! Alex was green as far as fucking and sucking was concerned. Never knew if she came! His kissing blew my mind and pussy which he ate voraciously!

damalulani - 2 years ago

He's a cutie

rCNxf1azbS21 - 2 years ago

Kyle is hot & half. I bought a membership just to watch him. He got her so wet that they made harmonious squishy sounds.

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