May 15,2020

Blonde Teen Babe Victoria Hobbs Has A Thing For Tatted Bad Boy John Murphy

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Victoria Hobbs got all giggly when we told her she was gonna be FUCKING John Murphy. it's always fun to watch how the models respond to each other after being introduced. These two acted all shy and flirty! Both John and Victoria smiling and blushing. As a director, when you see something like that, you know you're about to catch some GOLD in the bedroom. And gold indeed is what we got. John has a big ass dick and it was the biggest tight teen Victoria has ever had. Was a bit hard for her at times to take it... And oddly enough, John admits, he loved the fact that she couldn't handle his big ol' dick. Must be empowering huh John? ;)

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tattoofanboy - 2 days ago

I couldn't wait for John to return. Perfect from head to toe with a huge dick. Great work HotGuysFuck.

Pookie - 5 days ago

He hot af but a boring ,yes he has a big Dick but can't fuck

k23hdsaE39 - 6 days ago

I wish is could handle his dick better. Bring him back for more. I can't get enough of him.

g4pfan1963 - 6 days ago

In Love With Mr. Murphy. 10 out of 10.

fixxit123 - 1 week ago

It's a nice video and John Murphy is very hot, but this is an old video....

nQyeJJvHUrgF - 1 week ago

Love how well hung this guy is.

Swimmer99b - 1 week ago

Fuck yeah....

Jko122 - 1 week ago

John Murphy is just a perfect guy for HGF - his performances have never disappointed me

JasonBeck - 1 week ago

I always look forward to new scenes with John. He never disappoints.

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