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Home Videos Brianna Moore Gives New HUNK Codi Kaladin The Ride Of His Life!

Brianna Moore Gives New HUNK Codi Kaladin The Ride Of His Life!

 | views: 659023 2%

Brianna Moore's made a reputation for having the best riding skills around! When she laid her eyes on Codi Kaladin's perfect body, she was practically drooling at a chance to hop on top of him. These two hotties start out laughing together, the nerves palpable, but after we gave these two the green light and they immediately started taking clothes off and making out. Brianna drops to her knees to service our new hunk the right way and as things heat up, Codi grabs some oil and gets Brianna up on the bed for some 69 and a pre-fuck massage. Things start getting good as Codi slides his dick into her tight pussy and starts pounding! He shows our girl what he can do before she finally takes control and hops on top. In hindsight, maybe we should have warned the new guy about her skills. It didn't take long before Codi was practically throwing her off, trying not to bust early, but Brianna's skills were too much! We thought for sure that Codi was done, but after a little break he came back in to fuck some more for some bonus footage!

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  • Jojo227 -

    Wow Brianna is so 🔥 Codi has a smoking body love to do a 3some with them

  • memberCfs6FFZ1F2KjYpNh -

    Really interesting that Cody did cum early in his first clip. Hope to see his creampie contents soon. I’m pretty sure those clips would be very hot af

  • Ogadanny2021 -

    Plz more of this guy. Fuuuuck that was hot

    Amazedbyalphas -

    They brought him back, he is right now at the house on the cams fucking bitches. Too excited!!!

  • hot4u1969 -

    can we all agree to get rid of the rickety ass homemade bed. No one wants to hear the bed creak louder than the people.

  • Amazedbyalphas -

    Can I just say 15:00 - 15:20.....🤤, we need that camera angle filmed more often then not. He was truly trying not to nut but still enjoying being in some pussy, a very euphoric moment for him. We love watching a hot guy's facial expression while he's enjoying some pussy

  • Amazedbyalphas -

    I love that after Codi busted early there was still an after fuck later on, hey more content for the fans lol. Maybe that should be a recurring thing if the guys cum too quick. Either way the dude is solid, great body, nice cock, would love to see him return

  • harlanny -

    Great pairing Codi is one muscular aesthetic stud!