Jan 22,2018

Collin Simpson FUCKS Melani Davis

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Collin Simpson gets his first ethnic girl Melani Davis and falls in love. Collin loved how flavorful Melani was and couldn't keep his eyes, hands, or lips off her. Melani was stuck in a trance the moment she laid eyes on Collin's thick cock. It almost looked like the cock hypnotized her. Anyway, the sex here is amazing. These two really hit it off and the chemistry was absolutely there. I personally loved the post behind the scenes content because it expressed how real everything is. In case you all were wondering, Hotguysfuck is a complete free for all. We don't tell or dictate anything in or behind the scenes. We think it's hottest to just let the models have fun and we do our best to capture it all without disruption.

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Education level: XXX
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Bigc77 - 1 year ago

Damn. I cannot get enough of Collin. He is so damn hot.

sidalt99 - 1 year ago

She is terrible

AEY847gUW3sa - 2 years ago

More of Collin! Please!

nQyeJJvHUrgF - 2 years ago

Can I just say how much I love Collin Simpson? Minute 28: "You are destroying the talent, sir." "Well, that's my job."

tiberian - 2 years ago

after all that no visible cumshot. you can do much better than this

Swimmer99b - 2 years ago

He’s fucking hawt

jfNQTnn4Pw7 - 2 years ago

This makes me wanna fuck a chocolate girl

VePZe5nT5eP - 2 years ago

Hmm 🤔 I Wish they do better pics of the males and show more of he’s ass. More closeups please

ryley004 - 2 years ago

Agreed HktRBLuWm8.....It's the scene I have been looking forward to the most for awhile now! Nick always delivers an amazing performance!

HktRBLuWm8 - 2 years ago

I am with ryley004...when will Nick Paul and Melani Davis be released?? I think it would be a hot video, between the both of them.

ryley004 - 2 years ago

When is the scene with Nick Paul and Melani Davis going to be released??

HktRBLuWm8 - 2 years ago

OMG !!! I have to wait almost a week for this film to come out. I want to see Collin fuck her so bad!!!

czKykA29Hd9 - 2 years ago

There is a total absence of female dirty talk in adult films these days. I want to hear how great that big dick is, how good her pussy feels, and how much she wants to get fucked hard. And no screaming.

czKykA29Hd9 - 2 years ago

With the way these girls are getting fucked, in between moans, we should be hearing: "Give me that big dick (no cock plz, just dick)", "fuck my pussy faster," "God your dick is so hard," "you love that pussy don't you?", "keep fucking me."

czKykA29Hd9 - 2 years ago

Melani is my favorite female model on the site, but like every other female model I have seen, I have been disappointed in the complete absence of dirty talk from the female models during the scenes.

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