Sep 04,2017

Collin Simpson FUCKS New Girl Rachel Ford

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Collin Simpson wanted to fuck newcomer, Rachel Ford before catching his flight. We normally hate shooting at night for lighting reasons, but Collin & Rachel are to damn hot to pass up. As you can tell, Collin's body is fucking amazing, from head to toe. He also fucks like a pornstar who knows exactly how to satisfy a women. Rachel loved every minute of Collins huge dick inside of her. Welcome to the team Rachel.

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Education level: XXX
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dff34fsdf6 - 6 months ago

Can we please have more Colin?!?

j10sman - 1 year ago

Collin is awesome

hunter110 - 1 year ago

Collin is getting old....cant perform like he could

Delaneeluvsu - 1 year ago

She just sits there the whole time while Collin does all the work

ohmymars - 2 years ago

Ugh I hate her, she's terrible.

AEY847gUW3sa - 2 years ago

Love Collin!

nQyeJJvHUrgF - 2 years ago

I love how much they talked about his dick size

AEY847gUW3sa - 2 years ago


speedosuk - 2 years ago

Hot video: great-looking couple really up for a fuck. Love Collin's muscular shoulders and thighs (though really needs to get a tan). Has a gorgeous upstanding cock and unlike some of your guys has no problem getting fully hard and staying rock hard.

davie69 - 2 years ago

Ew no can't get over the screaming it's like a baby's crying or a dogs incessant barking

benjiw - 2 years ago

She is a great addition to your site. Might be the best girl on HGF. Keep her busy guys.

pudgy37 - 2 years ago

Whew! No words! I adore Rachel (and of course Collin!)

Swimmer99b - 2 years ago

If she thinks Colin is big she is in for an awakening

bethel1973 - 2 years ago

Just from the trailer, I would conclude that the high pitch sequels from the female would be enough to deter me from wanting to see the whole film. The sequels of that woman signals THE END of the whole video. Yes, even with Colin in the film.

damalulani - 2 years ago

my collin!!!!!

ggpaul - 2 years ago

aight you GOT to have this chick have her legs up missionary!!

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