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Home Videos Gio Givanni Puts The Work In On Jasmine Wilde!

Gio Givanni Puts The Work In On Jasmine Wilde!

 | views: 343154 3%

Gio Givanni knows how to please and he's here to prove it to Jasmine Wilde! Starting with a blowie, things heat up quick and Gio gets right to pounding! The italian Stallion gives Jasmine a ride she'll never forget in this heat packed, half an hour long feature!

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  • memberwwh8dKPo29e1MYiG -

    Gio is incredible making her cum twice with his perfect dick. He's so rugged and handsome.

  • Reesinhk -

    Gio's body is looking good but his stroke is terrible hotish scene tho

  • LaHODLer -

    I filmed dis

    bene7x1g8c -

    Well I suppose that explains it. Is it possible to list who directs/ shoots each scene? It's clear that each director has their own style and preferences. In my opinion this is more of a Hot Girls Fuck Scene. It is reminiscent of the same stunt cock porn found on all the other lamestream sites. There's literally only 30 TOTAL seconds of views from behind Giovanni in a 30 MINUTE SCENE. I'm not sure how anyone could comment on his "stroke" given that the longest single segment in this update is the cowgirl/ reverse cowgirl portion that runs for close to 5 MINUTES. Each time he was exhibiting his "stroke" in missionary and doggy we were given side angles and repeated close ups of Jasmine's voluptuous breasts. To each their own. Jasmine is indeed stunning. But call this what it is. This is a Hot Girls Fuck update. The traditional walk to the shower is even excluded. I'd appreciate a section that identifies the director going forward. It would speaks volumes about what we might expect to see in the scene.

    pczr1fp5si -

    @ bene7x1g8c you re right, they were good so far filming from behind angle, but sometimes they avoid it. centered angles from behind.