May 10,2016

Hairy JOCK Cole Money FUCKS Blonde Babe Heather Kelly

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The smile on Cole Money's face was huge after he saw the face of Heather Kelly when his monster cock entered. She literally saw an angel... Cole gave Heather her biggest cock yet as she needed to take several breaks in between filming. Cole Money had her legs shaking and speech impaired, it was actually intensely hot. I know I jerked off to this scene, will you be?

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maxi81 - 1 year ago

Average guy and sex scene but not hot....

JasonBeck - 1 year ago

Even though Cole seems like something of a dork (in a good way) this video has always been one of my favorites. His vocal comments like, "Oh yeeeeaaaaah, oh, shiiiiiit," while he's banging away on Heather just ratchet up the heat factor to 11.

adec69 - 1 year ago

Having watched this scene through again I've now seen the cum shot which was half way through, strange that the footage was changed around but it is complete, just in a different order. Very enjoyable, we need Cole back for a threeway please

adec69 - 1 year ago

Cole is super sexy, hot body & nice big cock & balls. Great shame the filming ended before we saw him cum, not sure why it cut off when it did but it was certainly an abrupt ending. Really enjoyed it apart from that. Hope you get Cole back again

dickie83 - 1 year ago

I really hope Cole cums back in the future. Missing him so much.

Buddybottomboy - 3 years ago

Threesome with Adam bosco!

Gman - 3 years ago

This guy is super fierce!! But why they camera was focus more on the girl????

frogman12 - 3 years ago

Cole is a stud and she is hot. Maybe not the very best scene, but honest and better than most porn out there!

Cjones - 3 years ago

Hot guy, but the scene is boring

bigal500 - 4 years ago

No cum shot, a waste of 20 mins, great looking guy but no money shot

rousseau91 - 4 years ago

Bring back Sean Polo for fucks sake

ivyonives - 4 years ago

agreed- get better male actors, this guy was bad, and just all around bleh

taystar - 4 years ago

This was bad. Please hire better male actors.

kathinlex - 4 years ago

what's with the terrible camera and lighting work? so distracting

Dkemp74 - 4 years ago

Hot hairy body but he's kind of a d-bag.

ccityc - 4 years ago

Another favorite scene of mine! Cole is so perfect! Heather is a very lucky girl ;)

Icarus213 - 4 years ago

I love it when the guy is vocal. It's a nice switch from how porn usually is, with the guy silent and the girl screaming. Good looking guy with a great cock too.

tamagosan - 4 years ago

Tell this guy to stop making noises.

tiberian - 4 years ago

where is the cum shot !!!

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