May 24,2019

Hairy Muscle Jock Kent Little Fucks Big Booty Teen Kenzie Page

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HOLY SHIT! The exact words we were thinking when this fuck-fest went down. New guy Kent Little fucks like an ANIMAL. Kent is complimented by new girl Kenzie Madison, and she's a 10/10. Between the two of them we might just have a 20/20 here! Here's some inside info... Kent got a look at sexy Kenzie the day before his shot with her and he couldn't stop talking about her. He was simply mesmerized. And we don't blame him... Kenzie has this charming, infectious smile and personality. Big blue eyes and a great big awesome ass to top it all off. No wonder Kent was itching to lay the pipe. These two fucked fast and hard on the bed, shower and everywhere in between. You would think that would be enough for Kenzie, but she surprised us all after the scene when she asked our director for her second facial of the day... something she has never done before. First time for everything, right?! Only at HotGuysFUCK!

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Education level: XXX
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MrLover - 3 months ago

she take two loads from Kent and at the she blows the cock from the Kamaraguy.WOW

adec69 - 8 months ago

Kent is really hot, great body & nice cock. Unfortunately he peaked a little too soon in this shoot but even so it was a great scene. We need to see more of this guy real soon he's really hot.

eAWeRKfm6j - 10 months ago

NEED this guy back!

Peeticek - 10 months ago

Her laugh is so irritating.... dude is awesome!

mrgiggity - 10 months ago

Nevermind she is 22 my bad

mrgiggity - 10 months ago

Kenzie Madison is not 22...she was born in 2000. What's with her name being Kenzie Page on this site and also lying about her age in a video?

x4pT9NiXPc - 11 months ago

The missionary part of this scene is arguably the hottest thing I've seen on this site.

joecravin - 11 months ago

Wow cashxplay how long did it take you to make that one up? Sorry you're on this guys nuts

joecravin - 11 months ago

Sammyo91 how much they pay you for your review?

Sammyo91 - 11 months ago

He’s amazing and they are ridiculously hot together. Joecrazin can fuck right off. Kent is definitely in top 5 of hottest guys on this site

djw1989 - 11 months ago

this guy is legitimately perfection. got my membership to see this video... and probably have came to it 4 times

samchapman1 - 11 months ago

love to watch her get fucked by two guys

slut69 - 11 months ago

Yea we need to get this guy in more scenes

cashxplay - 11 months ago

joecravin is a whiney little bitch always hating

harlanny - 11 months ago

This man is a beast, more please, what a fucking animal, awesome!

mattific - 11 months ago

fuck, his body is fucking hot

Iamlukezachary - 1 year ago

Kent’s got the hottest body I’ve seen on this site. He can fuck!

darkfire441 - 1 year ago

man, she is like a young dani daniels... Bring her back!!

joecravin - 1 year ago

I guess the standard in porn is every hot girl has to fuck an ugly dude

Dandy53 - 1 year ago

Hotness factor 10. That girl can really spread her legs

JasonBeck - 1 year ago

This is a dynamite scene. One of the best for sure. Kent is stud and the shower sex was off the charts. Would love to see more like this where things move out the bedroom. More of Kent please!

sXvgjBvgEpJv - 1 year ago

Doc... give us the extended version. I could watch that missionary fucking shot from the back all day long.

Jko122 - 1 year ago


aucontraire - 1 year ago

May 24 in what time zone??? It is May 24 in central time already

Amazedbyporn - 1 year ago

He's definitely super hot, great body, thick ass dick, fucks like a beast!!!

Lstshn9 - 1 year ago

What a stud. Love the way he fucks her. No one else on the site fucks that good

joecravin - 1 year ago

You all must be blind; he's ugly

JasonBeck - 1 year ago

If by "Chud" you mean "Cut, Handsome, Unclothed Dude" then this guy is definitely a Chud.

Lexusboy02 - 1 year ago

HOT! Not sure I can wait til Friday for this update!

JPCullen - 1 year ago

I disagree I think he’s very hot and has potential

joecravin - 1 year ago

It's hot guys fuck not big ugly chuds fuck!

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