Feb 10,2017

Handsome Hunk Taylor Shift FUCKS Maya Kim

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Taylor Shift has been a major hit! He fucks Maya Kim in all sorts of positions before busting inside of her. FUN FACT, the landlord of this rental was literally in the other room and had no idea what was going on.

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Education level: XXX
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aqiqESTTE5 - 1 month ago

No new videos?

JasonBeck - 8 months ago

WOW!! Don't know how I missed this one for so long, but it's straight up fire!

aiguang1 - 10 months ago

bring him back!

mangotango - 11 months ago

Damn hot 🔥🔥🔥

Deevy333 - 1 year ago

He's hot !

JPCullen94 - 1 year ago

Are there any more vids featuring Taylor? or was this the only one?

gkravago - 1 year ago

more pls

thephatnomad - 2 years ago

Bring him back and pair him with a girl who actually likes him and makes him feel good. You'll get a cumshot out of him then.

Gcyp4KQUKuFU - 2 years ago

Where is the cumshot?

GYKrnAp8HQfp - 2 years ago

OMG!! Bring him back!!

aQMKcTSqqk2s - 2 years ago

He's SUPER HOT, but, he couldn't bring himself to climax; the rubber's dry inside which is why he was still hard after he removed it. SMH. . . I still wish he hadn't retired.

9J2svhLBy1gB - 2 years ago

omg he is so hot, I want this guy!!! Hope he lives in NYC lol

den110780 - 2 years ago

He did not come.... The condom is empty....

thawker - 2 years ago

Taylor is a stud! Great body, great stamina! Hot scene!

yhlmlm - 3 years ago

So Hot, Love it !!!

voyboy - 3 years ago

Hot but I think if he had the right size condom it would have been better

bigguy25 - 3 years ago

bring him back

wym395 - 3 years ago

Was that his first time??

ccityc - 3 years ago

Very hot scene! Love that he went really deep when he came!

Swimmer99b - 3 years ago

He fucked like a champ. Would have liked to see cum shot in the condom

13Zeroither - 3 years ago

Damn, what a stud! Would love to see more of him fuck more women!

sangkim632 - 3 years ago

OMG....Taylor Shift ur very handsome,,,ur body very nice very hot....I love U.....

bennjam - 3 years ago

Pleaaaaase can we bring him back again?

Jnunez05 - 3 years ago

That was amazing

bjh4699 - 3 years ago

OMG.. he definitely knows how to fuck...what a stud.,,he deserves to take any pussy he wants.

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