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Home Videos Hot Cute Stud Kellan Hartmann FUCKS Heather Kelly (Part 2)

Hot Cute Stud Kellan Hartmann FUCKS Heather Kelly (Part 2)

 | views: 890060 3%

Kellan Hartmann and Heather Kelly, two of our most popular models were back to fuck... only this time, Heather brought some artillery. Kellan had no idea what he was about to get into but Heather's smile said it all. We pushed Kellan's limits as far as we could before he was too horny not to split open Heather. These two definitely have amazing chemistry and love to fuck. I love when Heather threw Kellan against the wall, and shoved her pussy right into his monster cock. Love seeing these two sex fiends back in action.


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  • martyP2021 -

    KELLAN HARTMAN becomes my all favorite man since he starts his career here at Hot guys fuck. This dude has a body every man could dream off, very hot smooth body and horse hung is he too. Kellan his cock is enormous and he know how to please his girl Heather Kelly, the hard way. Really hard fucking scene to see how she ride Kellan Hartman his huge 9inch shaft with no problem. What a large artillery this girl brings to get her wet pussy fucked with...Bring Kellan Hartman back soon again, love this sexy dude !!

  • WPNNs4enZajf -


  • rclark -

    The past few vids and upcoming vids seem disappointing. Kellans hot but these other guys recently have been very basic at the least. Bring back more attractive YOUNG guys.

  • bethel1973 -

    Very disjointed video. Disappointing, for sure.

  • tiberian -

    could have been a lot better. no visible cum shot. what is going on. yet another video with no clear cum shot

  • joncerda1991 -

    I love Kellan Hartmann but this video is pretty disappointing

  • Swimmer99b -

    I wish he let her use the toys on him

  • davie69 -

    I love kelang but part 2 wasn't that great. He didn't seem that into it

  • pismo33 -

    Yes! Kellan Hartmann is my favorite! He's handsome, he's got a hot body, a big dick, and he fucks like a beast! Can't wait to watch this video!

  • rosh -

    Yes he is back. Makes me cum all the time