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Home Videos How Much Do You Trust Us? Jay Tate Blindfold FUCK with Violet Gains!

How Much Do You Trust Us? Jay Tate Blindfold FUCK with Violet Gains!

 | views: 660774 18%

Would you fuck one of our models sight unseen? When you're as good as Jay Tate, we're gonna throw a curveball at you and todays curveball was a blindfold..and Dustin Hazels hairy legs. The rules were NO removing the blindfold until you have a boner! You'll have to watch the scene to see his reaction! More Behind The Scenes from Jay and Violet here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZuPLH2Mmy0&t=528s

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  • KelsoBites -

    100% disagree!! Any scene with Jay Tate is phenomenal, he's a star for sure

  • StudSlut09 -

    i agree that there could be better angles. but this scene was FIRRRRE! kinda like a kinky game show

  • JasonBeck -

    Pretty good scene, but there's not a lot of actual f*cking when it comes down to it. That's a bit of a bummer.

  • Jkitty83 -

    I love this site because there were hot guys and girls. What’s going on with these girls, no tits or really a lot of ass. I liked the dominating guys who would really give you a show. Please do more of that!

  • memberFJJiaMZTplD0EaqE -

    Dude...what's happening with the content? You guys you to do sow well with creating content that you can't see on other websites. Once again there is a really hot guy and all that is shown is a BJ and hips. Less than 10 seconds of his ass. I really love your site. I hope you get back to your original content.