Feb 28,2020

Human Jackhammer Hercules Chris Banner Drills Hottie Lexi Nook

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Chris Banner has a body that is something you would only see in a magazine. This guy's physique is INCREDIBLE! Petite Lexi Nook admitted she was a little nervous to take on such a massive bodied man. Once we let them loose, Chris turned in to a human jackhammer and pounded that pussy all the way to pound town. It looked like sexy Lexi was able to work out a mind-altering orgasm for our guy too! Hot scene with two HOT young HORNY people! Truly the HotGuysFUCK way.

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JasonBeck - 2 months ago

While I can acknowledge the fact that Chris is built like a Norse God, he doesn't do anything for me personally. I ALWAYS enjoy Lexi though, She is one of the best girls on the site. Put her with Ricky pretty please.

Amandeep - 3 months ago

Never bring him back

azeyesfj - 3 months ago

More Chris!!

Amandeep - 3 months ago

I dont like him at all bring back old guys of this back like mario cortez, diego cruz, nic rivers, johnny pitt

texaslifter - 3 months ago

I re-subscribed to see this video. Beautiful couple. Chris should become the face and body of the HGF franchise.

Spirilfb - 3 months ago

Yeasss!! This scene is the best yet ;) I really hope to see Chris back !!!

harlanny - 3 months ago

Is it possible to get tired of watching this man, I don't think so. Will there be more of him?

armin3 - 3 months ago

Perfection, make sure he comes back!

curve98 - 3 months ago

This was boring. He doesn't know how to fuck. He uses no rhythm what so ever.

DrFeelgood - 3 months ago

We finally get to see this clip after so many months of being previewed!

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