Oct 26,2018

Jared Flores Makes Monica Scott Fall In Love With That Dick

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Jared Flores is a K.I.N.G. A true ladies man that knows what they really desire. Monica Scott doesn't see our new guy coming and WHAM... before she knows it, she's fallen in love with the D... and that D belongs to Jared. Once they are finished feeling each other up in the pool they land in the bedroom and fuck each other's brains out. Our producer said this was the hottest, most intense scene he had EVER shot. And it shows... Enjoy this sweaty, rough, & raunchy fuck that will have you watching it again and again.

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Education level: XXX
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BAPTIST45 - 7 months ago

Jared rocks!

mangotango - 1 year ago

He's so damn hot 🔥

sfsc80 - 1 year ago

Fucking hot guy. Nice bubble butt haha. Good cameraman too (unlike some videos on this site). Bring him back!

JPCullen94 - 1 year ago

Please tell me this is not the last we will see of Jared?

L6z7qSCPGYPk - 1 year ago


Nick17 - 1 year ago

Hot ask fuck this guy

lorose1 - 1 year ago

This is the hottest scene on this site! This guy is 🔥

ogboy22 - 1 year ago

why is the video cut and not full?

sXvgjBvgEpJv - 1 year ago

Damn I could watch this guy all day. Get him his own site.

OfficialLaEl - 1 year ago

Will get this video FIXED ASAP. Sorry for issues.

Sammyo91 - 1 year ago

This video is all sorts of messed up. Re upload please

Spartans987 - 1 year ago

video is not working only 5 minutes long

zentec - 1 year ago

lol they start fucking at the end of video for 2 minute

Rabbit255 - 1 year ago

Why does it say "live" and plays the video at like, 3/4s of the way in?

jinmichaels - 1 year ago

the video is stopping after 5 minutes

sXvgjBvgEpJv - 1 year ago

This is a true hot guy. We need more like him and Lonny.

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