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Home Videos Jay Tate Leaves Halle Storm Speechless And Covered In Cum!

Jay Tate Leaves Halle Storm Speechless And Covered In Cum!

 | views: 638291 18%

Halle Storm And Jay Tate were caught hanging out together before their scene, poking at each other and joking around while Halle finished getting ready. Once the scene started, these two were ready to get to the point! Jay starts off eating Halle's tight little pussy, showing how much of a gentleman he can be! He tr(eats) that pussy for a while before Halle takes over and wraps her lips around his perfect uncut cock. She throats his dick for as long as it takes to get it rocked up and throbbing for her pussy. Jay flips Halle on her back and slowly penetrates her, giving her what she's been waiting for. Jay's expertise is on full display as he flows through positions and adds some extra pussy eating in there to keep it fresh! After the studs had his fill of pussy, he unloads a classic Jay Tate Sprayer all over Halle Storm! Jay, you never disappoint!

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  • 4ugca6dwdm -

    when they finally show some butt cheeks in missionary position, there s no lightening enough..

  • OrgasmKing -

    Halle looked super bored in the interview so I was worried about how the scene would go but it ended up being better than expected. Both of them are so good looking and fuck so good.

  • ZachUSA -

    Thank you so much for having more uncut cocks on your sites

  • Long_Jake_silvers -

    She ride's his dick just right

  • 5Fifty_32 -

    Jay staring at HAlle while she was on top was 🔥

  • weekndwarrior82 -

    theyre both super hot but theyre not into eachother

  • Jinmichaels -

    Please bring him back for a creampie scene it would be a waste if you don't

  • jsprott -

    Wow. So much foreskin. Not sure im a huge fan of that