Aug 11,2017

Josh Harnett FUCKS Thin Tattoo Blonde Sarah Sunday

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Big Booty Josh Harnett asked us for a skinny attractive blonde he could smother. Sarah Sunday was up for the task when we sent her pictures of Josh prior to filming. She loved his build and couldn't wait to grab his ass. Josh almost busted 3 times before the scene even ended which forced us to take minor breaks. He was definitely feeling Sarah Sunday and wanted to fuck her the entire day.

Education level: XXX
# of sex partners: XXX
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Education level: XXX
# of sex partners: XXX
Sign: ? Members only XXX
mdombrovski - 1 year ago

haters will hate, this guy oozes confidence. very fun to watch

MMsGB4BsdGKv - 2 years ago

He looks like a thumb

feTP53KjSP - 2 years ago

terrible....i'd rather see out of shape guys with better skills in bed than this shit.

rclark - 2 years ago

HGF is going down fast. Bring back the young hot guys. Hes not cute no offensive.

Buddybottomboy - 2 years ago

Kind of on a boring streak... Daniel Kanon, Adam Bosco, Ben Wilson please!

speedosuk - 2 years ago

Disappointing. Highly realistic as showing how many young guys fuck their girlfriends (uninventive way, mainly missionary) but hardly a demo of sexual prowess or athleticism. Terrible cumshot. Josh is a young guy, should spurt bucketloads of semen

tiberian - 2 years ago

yet another video with no clear cumshot. how difficult is it to zoom in !!!

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