Jun 07,2019

Latino Jock Can FUCK! Noah Gato Enjoys All Of Kelsey James

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YES! Noah Gato is BACK! Kelsey James is the lucky lady that gets this sensual hot fuck this time around. We love it when a couple first sees each other and they almost have that look in their eyes like, "Damn, I hope I get to fuck him/her!". Picking up on body language like that can be just as powerful, if not more, than actual verbal communication. These two ultimately let their bodies speak for themselves and seriously ravaged one another in the bedroom. Noah can do it all. He fucks slow and sensual, then turns up the heat out when the time is right. Take notes, this type of fucking is what makes a sexual experience top notch. Kelsey certainly seemed to think so.

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gomez93 - 9 months ago

this couldn’t get me off lol

Swimmer99b - 10 months ago

Which scene of theirs came first

sXvgjBvgEpJv - 11 months ago

I can't stop watching this. God his ass and body. I'm glad you actually focused on the hot guy. There also should be mandatory rimming. Just sayin'

JasonBeck - 11 months ago

Noah's not hard to look at, but thus scene was just okay.

sXvgjBvgEpJv - 11 months ago

This is plain and simple great fucking. Lots of missionary so we an see his power and butt. I love it.

digidydawg89 - 11 months ago

Really excited for Mondays update. Love when the models continue fucking after the scene too, always makes the scene 10x hotter.

LAHOT14 - 11 months ago

Noah my favorite just perfect !!!!

AlexJ24 - 11 months ago

Love how this guy fucks...

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