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Home Videos New Buff Stud Leo Woodman Creampies New Chick Charlie Moore

New Buff Stud Leo Woodman Creampies New Chick Charlie Moore

 | views: 747580 4%

Leo Woodman gets told a lot that he looks like many different celebrities. Can you guess a few? With is long, wild, Tarzan-like hair, and big buff body, Leo always gets attention everywhere he goes. Charlie Moore has definitely took notice to this as well and she wants all that Leo has to offer. That includes his big uncut cock too. Creampie for the new girl is always a warm welcome!

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  • memberJ0efMoJaUsI7Z6Ay -

    I would be thankful if they explore even more ass cheeks..if you don't like it you can go everywhere , because you can find something like this only in this category of straight porn...not even gay porn explore male ass the way it deserves.. lol

  • ZachUSA -

    More power to the UNCUT cock members... love seeing an uncut cock having great sex and his flexibility is awesome

  • DrFeelgood -

    I still love this site & will definitely continue to support it indefinitely. Love all your ***-quality talent (of both sexes),& stable of STALLIONS that are constantly inflowing with more brand new exclusives. They are simply unmatched elsewhere & are also mostly surprisingly great at the job, especially for amateurs. Keep up that outstanding greatness, but there's always room for improvements & more authentic heat.

  • DrFeelgood -

    And more female/bottom POV please! Aim for more continuous passion & intensity regardless of position a la Nacho Vidal or Ryan Madison. So no breaks lol, at least not on-cam, edit em out if they really needed a bathroom break cuz they're boner & continuity of intensity ***ers. Let them soak in sweat if the sex heat made them that way despite the A/C. Sweaty Sean Costin was sizzling, and then you gave them a break to towel off lol, lame. Love all the naturalness. If they're not getting wet inside & out, something's wrong, no chemistry. Changing positions every minute or even less isn't natural either (who does that IRL? 16 y/o virgins who wanna try 20 positions before they cum in 5 minutes? lol), feels exactly like "staged porn" especially if it seems pre-planned/choreographed. Now, if they're fucking passionately & the quick switching just came spontaneously with it all, fine. But we can tell when it seems they were obligated to keep changing for "the show." I don't want a sex show. I want real sex & insatiable desire & there just happened to be a couple cams there. There's thousands of the fake choreographed ones w/ loud fake moans out there already. Lol

  • DrFeelgood -

    That was hot but hate that there was not even one true face2face missionary. (Rest of my comments not referring to this scene necessarily.) I consider the side-fuck or sideways "half-mish" more a variation on the doggy, which is always in every porn scene anyway so on top of the doggy, cow, reverse cow & even mish (w/ extra ass focus lol), there's ass over*** sometimes. Love ass, too, all body parts lol, but always aim for balance/symmetry including faces. I also tend to think of side-fuck & those overly prolonged reverse cows & any other unnatural & uncomfortable positions as PORN/WORK (i.e. it's a SHOW, not real, orgasmic sex).