Apr 10,2020

NEW COUPLE - Uncut Bodybuilder Matt Mason Loves The Curves On Teen Redbone Ivy Steele

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World, meet Matt Mason & Ivy Steele! Possibly your next favorite HOT couple to watch FUCK at HGF. These two are young, horny, and love to show off on camera. Handsome Matt looks like a Greek statue, carved from marble. Ivy is the perfect compliment for a buff uncut hunk like Matt. Ivy is half black/half white and has enough tits and ass to make anyone look twice. She's only 18 years old... You don't see teens built like this very often. Matt loves a big booty and it clearly brought the inner animal out of him in this red hot debut for two smoking hot new models. April 2020 is gonna be straight FIRE at HotGuysFUCK. Hope you're ready!

Education level: XXX
# of sex partners: XXX
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Education level: XXX
# of sex partners: XXX
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RpGQPDK5JpVX - 1 week ago

Who is the guy in the ad in the beginning?

Bobby17 - 1 month ago

She’s amazing. More of her!

FFVIIMidgar - 1 month ago

Want more videos of this gril , she is amazing.

aNZVymCEXE - 1 month ago

Where can I find more of him

DrFeelgood - 1 month ago

Awesome! I recently saw this guy on Pornhub and thought, this is exactly the type of guy who should be on HGF!!! Whoa.

JasonBeck - 1 month ago

Matt is easily the hottest dude I've seen on here since Ricky and Carson.

JasonBeck - 1 month ago

Lord have mercy these two are HOT!!

Cressidawagontur - 1 month ago

I will love ...to see ivy steele in the shower with that big butt.

Swimmer99b - 1 month ago

Matt is one crazy goose

aqiqESTTE5 - 1 month ago

More uncut guys pls

aNZVymCEXE - 1 month ago

Fucking hot

nQyeJJvHUrgF - 1 month ago

Soooo excited for this guy. I've seen him web camming before, he's hot as fuck. Good get, HGF!

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