Apr 20,2020

New Stud Brock Perry Lets Bombshell Angelica Foster Rim Him For His First Time

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Experimentation? Yes please! Brock Perry is one fine piece of man meat. Oh ya, he's also open-minded! A hot, young stud down to try new things... That's our type of guy! Clearly Angelica Foster's ideal guy too. This blonde teen bombshell nearly fell in LOVE with hunky Brock. Maybe that's why the experimentation didn't stop at rimming Brock's nice muscle butt. When she got the chance, Angelica was sucking on Brock's feet and toes too WHILE she was riding him! All that stimulation must be a-lot for a first timer... but Brock handled it like a pro and really enjoyed being rimmed! We love this pairing and think you will too! Some real, hot, rough, yet passionate sex! That reverse pile driver position had our jaws on the ground and what a picture perfect facial finish! Angelica LOVED IT! So many firsts for this electrifying young couple!

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andrezmr83 - 1 week ago

We need more Brock Perry videos. This guy is the only reason I subbed.

brockperry - 1 week ago

Follow my Twitter! @thebrockperry

milokelley - 3 weeks ago

Her sucking on his toes while getting fucked is the biggest turn on and I wanna see more!

brockperry - 3 weeks ago

Was a pleasure to be apart of the HotGuysFuck experience 💪🏻

Amandeep - 4 weeks ago

You guys should post more secret menu videos like big fails, making of the videos, behind the scenes ❤️

Amandeep - 4 weeks ago

He is not hot at all please dont bring him back

nQyeJJvHUrgF - 1 month ago

More rimming with the guy in doggie, this was hot as fuck. Love his face, too, super sexy.

funandy - 1 month ago

This might have been the best fucking I've ever seen on Hot Guys Fuck! That guy was gorgious and his dick worked great. He delived one hot fucking driven by that pile driving ass. Gees!

sweetpotato99 - 1 month ago

more rimjobs pls. this was insanely sexy. love the girl too.

pamperpamper - 1 month ago

Keep making videos like this and I'll be a member for life.

JasonBeck - 1 month ago

Thanks for pairing these guys up with girls that are equally aesthetic. It definitely adds to the hotness of the scene. Anjelica is gorgeous no doubt.

JasonBeck - 1 month ago

Back to back winners with Stephen and now Brock. No insertion shot tho?

mwcuk1603 - 1 month ago

So fucking hot

Jko122 - 1 month ago

Absolutely Amazing!

dinodino17 - 1 month ago

Very Good Video! Kudos Guys!

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