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Home Videos Powerhouse Justin Sharp Drills Georgia Rae Into The Bed!

Powerhouse Justin Sharp Drills Georgia Rae Into The Bed!

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Georgia Rae's in for a pounding on this one. Justin Sharp has one of the most well rounded physiques we've seen on the site and all of those muscles are for fucking! Justin Sharp looks like a beast but he has a lover deep inside of him, a side that can be seen coming out in his performance today! Muscle lovers beware, this guy will have you in a trance as his perfectly chiseled body lays it down.

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  • memberLzL57xWvaz89IBza -

    suggestion, could you make the watermark any bigger, it doesn't cover the entire screen yet. Can you imagine going to the movie theater and having a Star Wars watermark across a quarter of the screen while you're watching the film. Not only is it so unnecessary to be that large it is completely distracting and ruins the entire experience. I don't understand why it's so hard for creators to understand that.

  • memberP6zcoIFMtOLYz1rZ -

    He’s so cute! I wish we had a stationary shot from the foot of the bed option to watch