Jan 19,2018

Real-Life Fitness Couple FUCKS: Max Warner And Jennifer Roy

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Well Fuck... How do you top a scene like this. Max Warner & Jennifer Roy are unbelievable. This real life teen fitness couple's bodies are fucking amazing. Could both of them quite possibly have the best bodies of all the guys and girls on the site? These 2 fuck so passionate like they've been doing for years. They fucked so hard, that Jennifer drew blood from scratching Max's thigh so hard. Max returned the favor finger blasting her so rough, that she squirted all over the place. These 2 animals fucked like they were trying to win an Oscar... and shit they may have. The good news is for those who actually read this description, you will get to see more action from Max coming soon. Comment below and let us know what you thought of this ALL-STAR pairing. I rank this video in our TOP 5. Fucking Fire!

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Usn123 - 3 weeks ago

Please put more clips of Jennifer Roy

finch93 - 1 month ago

more MAX please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mwaris - 3 months ago

she needs to come back

JasonBeck - 4 months ago

Hot guy. Hot Girl. It feels like the sex should have been better tho given their history.

Vitinho - 6 months ago

such a chemistry, one of the best vids you guys have

vZUdGP1bwZ - 9 months ago

Bring him back

darkfire441 - 11 months ago

Bring Jennifer back...

S58kit741 - 1 year ago

Need to call Jennifer back and pair with Kaleb Bell. He's what she needs.

sparkasse - 1 year ago

i wait for the next Movie with Max....

Francisco - 1 year ago

She needs more videos , am I right 🤷🏻‍♂️

Dalbir - 1 year ago

Jennifer more and more please....on this site only for her

rockmymtn - 1 year ago

He is the sole reason i joined today - more MAX please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sXvgjBvgEpJv - 1 year ago

The 240p and 360p download links are broken.

j1d1HUULBb - 1 year ago

Is Max reappearing this summer?

jamesbj348 - 2 years ago

wanna see more of Jennifer

rKtU2ertH - 2 years ago

im about to cancel my subscription and the only reason Im still subscribed is because im waiting for Max Warner! Is he coming back?

drxyhKrU47 - 2 years ago

Do whatever you guys have to in order to get him back please

wit202 - 2 years ago

He's the reason why I join the site

KBNqEnjH5GN9 - 2 years ago

When comes the next movie with Max?????? Hope soon???

MnByqBRi2TD4N - 2 years ago

The best on the site so far.

z9Quhz4L - 2 years ago

Are you in any talks to get Jennifer back with other guys?? OR, a Group of hot guys!?

KBNqEnjH5GN9 - 2 years ago

The Fans of HGF would like to see more of Max Werner....When comes the next movie?

S1z3Ue4A53 - 2 years ago

This is my favorite video yet. Very hot couple who have fucked a lot and know what each other likes. And finally a girl with a little trimmed bush down there, that's so hot. Definitely need more of Jennifer and her sexy bush and body!

bethel1973 - 2 years ago

Max is a beautiful HOT hunk of a man! I love his booty. Thanks for this video; thoroughly enjoyed it.

CFY5CTxnQuiR - 2 years ago

Congrats! First girl you captured squirting, the ultimate girl pleasure! Quite clear that they have fucked a hundred times or more. And no condom! Your best fucking video ever! Get more of these kind of couples!

UyVuVvPgh9BF - 2 years ago

Jennifer is incredible need to see her again hot hot hot!!

czKykA29Hd9 - 2 years ago

What isn't this beautiful girl saying: "give me that big dick," "fuck me, fuck me now," "fuck my pussy as fast as you can," "Fuck me with your big dick," "Tell me how you love that pussy." A female being fucked by stud like this needs to dirty talk.

czKykA29Hd9 - 2 years ago

It's also a camera angle that is highly voyeuristic. You can just imagine walking into the room and seeing this couple fucking right at the door way.

czKykA29Hd9 - 2 years ago

In regards to my previous post.....people who shoot porn sometimes forget that this is how most mammals copulate in the wild, so it's sexy as hell to see humans do it in the same exact way. Exactly when the male is tall, athletic & can really fuck.

czKykA29Hd9 - 2 years ago

14:44 - 14:58. Please have more camera angles in your scenes like this. A standing couple with the male fucking the female from behind really hard with the camera directly behind him but at a distance. I want to see his rear end move and groove.

1XaZcFVEWNwG - 2 years ago

best hgf ever. Bring him back to fuck another girl while she watches

MGsfe9VK7dR2 - 2 years ago


tiberian - 2 years ago


6vsJfd9u6yMZ - 2 years ago


z9Quhz4L - 2 years ago

We need to see him with another girl AND Jennifer!!

jyRaSXBvZA3S - 2 years ago


zzTxKYAk67hu - 2 years ago

Need more of her

HktRBLuWm8 - 2 years ago

I agree drxyhKrU47....,more raw fucking!!! He is HOT !!!

drxyhKrU47 - 2 years ago

Also finally we get to see another stud beat some pussy raw, this what we need out of HGF, more raw fucking lol.

drxyhKrU47 - 2 years ago

Max is the kind of dream guy you want fuckin the shit out of you everyday of your life. His body is top notch, his dick game is on point, & he fucks so rough/hard like a true alpha male. More of this Sex God pounding pussy! @AmazedByPorn on twitter

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