Jan 12,2016

Ripped Muscle Stud Jarod Spear POUNDS Heather Kelly

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Jarod Spear wouldn't stop talking about how he's the best fuck. He constantly wanted to prove it and the day has finally came. He's a youngster who's pretty confident so we thought we'd surprise him with an older women. When he first met Heather Kelly and she went to freshen up, he was so excited but so nervous about it all. Jarod Spear had never been with an older women and was worried he wouldn't perform well. After she took total control and clear deer in headlights look on Jarod's face, it was on. Jarod had to keep calling time-out because he was ready to cum from the beginning. After a few breaks, he did everything he could to show this older broad what the youngsters are capable of. He kept his rock hard cock erect the entire time for her as she sucked and fucked him. Let us know if you think Jarod is a good fuck.

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Education level: XXX
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northix - 3 years ago

watch video so lag and slow buffering !

fanno1uk - 3 years ago

hi I can't buy or download, thanks

lael - 3 years ago

This video is working.

sallyjensen - 4 years ago

Why can't I view the video??

Guizoyo - 4 years ago

Derekpr,What site?

derekpr - 4 years ago

i love jared. he's one of my fave porn stars. saw him previously on a different site. more jared!!

lucien3274 - 4 years ago

ok can we see more of him...... adam mcbride eat your heart out this kid's on your tail!!!

Swimmer99b - 4 years ago

Dudes a fucking stud

ryley004 - 4 years ago

Thanks guys for fixing the video! It is a great scene and one of my favs so far. I loved the chemistry between them. And Pudgester the video wasn't working correctly at 12am when it was released. "L" confirmed that to me this morning.

pudgester - 4 years ago

I don't know what Ryley's complaining about. It was probably the most satisfying and most complete video so far. Also I definitely saw a cum shot. Jarod did seem intimidated at first, but by the end, he was a stud. He was in his element.

ryley004 - 4 years ago

What happened to the rest of this video? It was supposed to be 21:11 and it cuts off at 16:01. Also the preview showed regular cowgirl yet the scene had none only reverse! Also no cum shot? Very disappointed!

rdmcpher - 4 years ago

Where is the video!!!

bjh4699 - 4 years ago

Couldn't wait! that stud is the hottest guy I've ever met.

tigerabz - 4 years ago

Been waiting for this hopefully when i wake up, video should be done

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