Jun 05,2015

Sebastian Hook FUCKS Amy Miller After Massage

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Sebastian Hook was getting a shoulder rub to get out some kinks. Amy Miller's touch alone gave Sebastian the goose bumps and slowly found himself getting horny. He turned around and kissed Amy passionately. They quickly got naked and oral turned into hardcore fucking. Amy really took a pounding from the shredded, high energy study, Sebastian Hook.

Education level: XXX
# of sex partners: XXX
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Education level: XXX
# of sex partners: XXX
Sign: ? Members only XXX
MrLover - 1 month ago

She is so pretty but the Kamaraman show not her face not

Michaelides867 - 11 months ago

More video with this boy

JasonBeck - 1 year ago

It's nice to see guys on here genuinely turned on by the girl they're fucking-we don't always get that and you can't fake the rock-hard boner he's sporting. You'd never guess at first glance either what a total fuck machine Sebastian ends up being.

uAFaNM3tUe - 1 year ago

Would really like a new video with this guy.. he is the hottest model on the site, but only one video :/

L6z7qSCPGYPk - 2 years ago

Sebastian and Monica Scott would be fun.

exVyg1Wr5n - 2 years ago

Her feet are so fucking hot!

thawker - 2 years ago

Sebastian is a total hottie! Would love to see more videos of him.

GaryLg - 3 years ago

What a hot fucker,. Cute,handsome,hot fucker. Dream boy for most of girls and even boys-hehe

GaryLg - 3 years ago


SHhotguy - 3 years ago

some of his photos are watermarked 'gayhoopla,com'....how many videos does he have on that site, a sister-site to this one. I'd like to see more of his action films.

10sprof - 3 years ago

Should have tried to get more with this guy!

Harrier - 4 years ago

What a cute stud...more please!

Swimmer99b - 4 years ago

Wonder if he needed the whole box of rubbers on the counter?

Louis1925 - 4 years ago

Awesome video. Very hot. We need more of this stud. I want to show my wife and have her dream of him.

jonbautista11 - 4 years ago

We need more videos of Sebastian!

pudgester - 4 years ago

Sebastian has the cutest ass!

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