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Home Videos Teen Heartthrob Kellan Hartmann FUCKS Lustful Jackie Lopez

Teen Heartthrob Kellan Hartmann FUCKS Lustful Jackie Lopez

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The amount of chemistry is this video would have any professor giving you an A+. These 2 genuinely liked each other and it easily shows on camera. Many members seem to love Kellan Hartmann's first video, but his second is off the charts! Jackie Lopez really got our hot jock Kellan Hartmann and his fat cock up for a SOLID performance. What a pleasurable scene to jerk one to.

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  • martyP2021 -

    KELLAN HARTMAN becomes my all favorite man since his 1st apperance at Hot guys fuck. This dude has a body every man could dream off, very hot smooth body and horse hung is he too. Kellan his cock is enormous and he know how to please his girl Jackie Lopez the hard way. Really hard fucking scene to see how she ride Kellan Hartman his huge 9inch shaft with no problem. Bring horse hung Kellan Hartman back soon again, really love this sexy dude !!

  • JasonBeck -

    A guy who smiles and expresses the fun he's having in these scenes is a real turn on. It's obvious Kellan is really enjoying himself here and that's super hot.

  • JasonBeck -

    Though I don't like Kellan Hartman that much in his later videos, in his first couple vids-where he's younger, he's hot AF. He knows how to put on a good show too. This video is a scorcher.

  • tgoldfinger -

    Nothing infuriates me or irritates me more than watching a boy-girl scene and the guy has to jack himself off to cum.

  • Katie -

    Mm Kellan makes me cum every time. I'd love to have him me 😘

  • Hindemith -

    He needs to get clean before a scene.

  • mzprettypussy -

    8:22 fuc*** he's the hottest

  • badrouter -

    hot scene!

  • Swimmer99b -

    When did he get the nose piercing?

  • pudgester -

    It's such a pleasure to see Kellan do his "work"! The guy knows how to fuck. And Jacke is his perfect match. That was some genuine fucking!The threesome with Rob Burry should be outstanding! Can it get any hotter?

  • cinnamontea -

    seriously cant wait!

  • ccityc -

    First model to have 2 scenes released on here! Really excited for this scene and the many more to come!

  • bjh4699 -

    more Jacob also please! He is kind of historical stud!

  • patrikk22 -


  • rousseau91 -

    Finally more Kellan