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Home Videos Teen STUD Kyle Dean FUCK Pornstar Jade Jantzen

Teen STUD Kyle Dean FUCK Pornstar Jade Jantzen

 | views: 1234649 2%

Kyle Dean and Jade Jantzen just got back from a dinner date and both were feeling relaxed and horny. Kyle started to make out with Jade and massaging her breasts. He picked her up and moved her to the couch as his dick began to rise from being so turned on. From that point forward, Kyle was hard as steel, ready for Jade's vagina to grip his huge cock. Big dick Kyle really dropped the hammer on Jade. He fucked her like it was his first night out of prison. The sex was so good, after the cameras were turned off... the horny couple hooked up again.

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  • memberOHiE0a91ClUl8CfZ -

    You are so missed on this site. I wish I knew how you died! You were my favorite here.

  • JasonBeck -

    This was one of the videos I originally joined the site for a few years back and it did not disappoint. It's a shame Kyle is no longer with us but I'm glad that his videos are still here. It's not a bad thing to be immortalized in your prime.

    memberqWSjYADw3Wqucoqs -

    What happened with him he looks very young tho

  • Spartans987 -


  • blackwire1 -

    Hot Video. Kyle is one hot fucking stud, hope that 18 year old get to fuck a lot more girls on this sight, because he is good at it. Need to see him do some anal and cum in girls mouths. Kyle needs to exercise his young masculinity to its fullest

  • lael -

    Make sure you're logged in when trying to view the FULL VIDEO. Must be a member to see FULL VIDEOS.

  • 10sprof -

    A+ guy and scence

  • Ollie757 -

    Where are the full videos? I've paid for streaming and only get previews !!!!!!

  • SHbuffguys -

    He deserves more exposure on HOT GUYS FUCK

  • blzl07 -

    don't download. . .

  • Hindemith -

    He's amazing.

  • cinnamontea -

    total stud!! more of him please

  • simplyhunks -

    This guy ican fuck.. Guys and gals.. Lol

  • Dcrb -

    Good vid except the fact that the girls knees look like someone popped bubble gum on them.

  • Swimmer99b -

    Condoms are sexy. I want to see some anal!

  • badrouter -

    really good scene. Still think Max and Molly is the best so far, but this is close!

  • rdmcpher -

    Can we please see some bareback.

  • nemoami -

    Yes, the best so far!

  • Swimmer99b -

    Are we going to see round 2?

  • chinawhite -

    awesome shoot

  • ccityc -

    What a stud! Those muscles and that back! You can tell they both really enjoyed it!

  • beninoven -