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Home Videos The Cum Shot Bounty Hunter - Chase Arcangel Gets ROBBED By Desiree Nevada

The Cum Shot Bounty Hunter - Chase Arcangel Gets ROBBED By Desiree Nevada

 | views: 1423623 8%

A VERY exciting first installment of the Cum Shot Bounty Hunter featuring exclusive new hottie, Chase Arcangel and BABE ALERT Desiree Nevada. The rules are simple, Chase starts with an extra $200 in his bank and if he goes straight through, no cut through his scene, he pockets the extra dough. However, if at any moment Chase needs a break... the Cum Shot Bounty Hunter can leave the room, look for an available dick and if she can make it cum before being called back by Chase, Desiree will take $100 from our studs bank. Can Chase fight those common first timer nerves and succeed like the super stud that he is?! He was pretty confident ;)

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  • martyP2021 -

    CHASE ARCANGAL becomes my all favorite man after watching this hot 1st scene. This dude has a body every man could dream off, very hot smooth body and horse hung is he too. CHASE his cock is enormous and he know how to please his partner DESIREE NEVADA the hard way. Really hard fucking scene to see how she ride his huge 8 inch shaft with no problem. Bring this good looking and muscular CHASE ARCANGEL soon again in a bareback scene, love this sexy dude !

  • Rodsex -

    Please do more cum shot bounty hunter videos!! They are amazing

  • Jakkibaby83 -

    Omg so hot! Chase is so hot! I wouldn’t mind calling me daddy and bending me over!

  • proudazn88 -

    The 9 min mark when he eats her pussy and looks up at her (great camera angle btw!) and puts a finger in her mouth, makes her suck on it, then says "good girl"..... that is so hot and makes me cum each time lol. he is so sexy!

  • afegzxcbw -

    Chase is so fucking hot. But this video was not to my liking. Make CSBH a secret menu thing please.

  • Benjamin43 -

    I loved the csbh edition. Hopefully we will see more. Keep up the good work!

  • Jinmichaels -

    Chase was great but it’s hard to get into it with CSBH happening at the same time

  • Jko122 -

    I love that CSBH-game - good addition to the HGF-experience! Due to Chase's outstanding performance this is easily in the top 5 scenes of 2020 for me!

  • JasonBeck -

    Strange thing to comment on, but kudos on the "production" of this scene. It's a great well lit/evenly lit looking scene that truly shows off the beauty of your models..

  • JasonBeck -

    When these two are actually getting down to business, this scene is a scorcher. Chase is a hell of a find and Desiree (as always) is a total knock out.

  • JasonBeck -

    Constructive feedback that will get deleted: Not really a fan of CSBH. Secret menu maybe? It's hard to settle into the scene I really WANT to see with the interruptions.