May 22,2020

The HotGuysFUCK Experience - Cash Mahomes Meets Ally King

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Welcome to the HGF Experience! On this very special episode, we have TWO BRAND NEW FACES! Meet hairy hunk Cash Mahomes and sexy sweetheart, Ally King. Ally is a part-time stripper and loves to get down for a good time. She loves treating her men right and Cash was no exception. Sexy and super hairy Cash comes off a bit shy at first but in the bedroom, he becomes an ANIMAL. Pounding pussy with his fat cock, pulling hair, and busting a GIGANTIC LOAD. Seriously... you're gonna have to prepare yourself to witness the biggest cumshot you probably have ever seen. You're not gonna believe it!

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Education level: XXX
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SanFranBaseballer - 2 days ago

I really like this girl paired with Cash. 5 stars guys!

reno911BK - 2 days ago

I love the game shows! Enjoy the personality aspect.

GeneralCha0 - 2 days ago

this scene just came out today and ive cum 3 times already... thats gotta tell u sumething! will watch this one over and over

bigredbirddawg - 2 days ago

Holy fuck... HGF and production crew, youve done it again and AGAIN! youve all stepped your game up BIG TIME! Lifetime member here now absolutely!

aR4Fhm6UTW - 2 days ago

Both are knockouts and this why I keep subscribing

JasonBeck - 3 days ago

Cash's whole wildman vibe is sexy a.f. Ally is also hot a.f. Great pairing, great scene.

JasonBeck - 3 days ago

This scene could have used a closeup shot or two of the action but other than that it's stellar!!

Jko122 - 3 days ago

WTF? This is definitely the best cumshot of the whole HGF-universe so far ...

DrFeelgood - 3 days ago


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