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Home Videos Tight Fit! Fan Favorite Cody Kaladin Can Barely Put His Dick Inside Reina Heart!

Tight Fit! Fan Favorite Cody Kaladin Can Barely Put His Dick Inside Reina Heart!

 | views: 863021 2%

There's no such thing as a pussy that's too tight... or is there?! Codi Kaladin's going to be the one to put that theory to the test, with Reina Heart happily volunteering to help. Not much time is spent talking as it becomes clear these two are here for only one thing. Reina's eyes are locked as Codi removes his shirt, revealing the god-like body hiding underneath. Codi can't help but stare either as Reina starts undressing, her perky tits popping out right in his smiling face. The kissing leads to a mouth full of Codi dick for Reina and her smile shows how satisfied she is! With his dick hard, throbbing and ready to bust like a soda can, Codi puts Reina on her back, watching her reaction as he begins to stretch her out. The surprise on his face shows just how tight her pussy really is, forcing him to take it slow at first. As he gets the pace going, Codi works the pussy open for some good, hard pounding. His experience on set shines through his performance as he gives Reina the all-star smashlete treatment. Just as we're all drooling to see him explode, Codi pulls out and paints Reina in cum as she smiles back at him!

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  • Amazedbyalphas -

    It does seem like she can't handle dick at all tho, she always seems to be so tight that the guys can't get a good hard pound fuck in.

  • LaHODLer -

    Nice to catch up on this one!

  • Amazedbyalphas -

    Bring him back again and again and again. We could never have enough of Codi

  • dvd889 -

    Codi manages to be both dominant and gentle all at once. It's so hot.

  • Stirstick -

    Definitely impressive he has a huge cock and she is very tight.

  • sbeers3333 -

    That is Camera Man Perfection it IS !!!!!!!!!!

  • member7eYMk0zhyaVqkCTW -

    Lol. Just a quick heads up to those who don't seem to be aware since I couldn't believe no one else has mentioned it this whole time. (Or maybe you all already knew so the joke is on me lol?)  Anyways, it would  still be hilarious either way if he ended  up being featured as a "new tryout" while no one else mentioned or maybe even realized that one of the top studs on "Tryouts" right now already shot TWO SCENES under a different monicker several years back! Lol. He then proceeded to work as a pro in the industry & shot several more scenes under another name & then this current one for other studios since then. But this is not to discourage HGF from hiring him again because the fact that I'm aware is because I'm actually a fan. He has also only become even hotter & more fit AF over time, which many others evidently agree with strongly as the site data make obvious, regardless of anything else here. I guess this is actually my way of preempting the eventual possible disqualification that I fear could happen once the management realizes the "confusion" when they see the same familiar ID & face in person from the past. Please bring him back if only to use his big cock to fuck RAW this time around, if his being a Superhot Guy who remains popular with the current audience isn't reason enough. In fact, if if weee possible, I'd love to have all the wrapped studs from the past be brought back for at least one more scene to fuck raw lol if they'd be cool with it. I'm greedy that way. Lol P.S. I also see a couple other Tryout studs (also hot!) who have been low-key pro guys for years but have also been semi-retired for a while now, I think. Let's just see all the hot guys who wanna show themselves fuck those hot girls!! They're who we signed up to the HotGuysFuck site for after all. - from your ole fan & friend,  Dr. Feelgood

    else memberbKcM1cAU4EFTIw7G -

    What r u talking about

    DirectorT -

    drop me a name so Im in the know. Im not saying it will disqualify him

  • DirectorT -

    Ive cant remember seeing Cody have to pull up like that in his other vids lol

    memberE4KrWYw3W9xzdSit -

    Who is that lady at 23:53 (Promotion content)? Her name, I mean…

    DirectorT -

    @ memberE4KrWYw3W9xzdSit https://www.hotguysfuck.com/model/maya-kim

    memberCfs6FFZ1F2KjYpNh -

    Hi, Cody’s fucking has been really great. Hope to see his creampie scene next time. This will be Fucking hot scene ever