Dec 09,2019

Top Stud 2019 Carson Clout Cums TWICE And Leaves Curvy Angelina Colon More Than Satisfied

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Nothing like ending 2019 with a serious BANG! Please welcome Italian STUD of the year, Carson Clout! Curvy Angelina Colon loved getting her hands all over this new popular hunk. Carson really loves to FUCK and boy does he have some serious staying power... even after multiple cumshots in a single scene. That's right folks, Carson busts not one, but TWO big loads (one of them a facial) in this red hot scene. He instantly became a true believer in the power of TOO HARD. Carson is a very smart young man and loves to try anything that will give him an edge and bring his sex game to the next level. TOO HARD did just that for this first timer and more. He looked like a seasoned HGF vet out there laying the pipe every which way he could on those huge tits and ass that Angelina brings to the table. Can't wait to see more Carson Clout in the future! This guy can fuck AND cum more than your average stud next door.

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Education level: XXX
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MrLover - 3 months ago

she has a perfect body ass,boobs

JasonBeck - 4 months ago

I've watched this video several times over. Carson is hot as hell and boy does he know how to look good fucking!

FFVIIMidgar - 5 months ago

Can We Have A Angelina Colon Scene in Real Slow Pleasure Like Real Couple,and Boy Can be Jordi

JasonBeck - 5 months ago

Hope to see a lot more of this straight up stud. His face and body are incredible and his sex skills are HOT!!

JasonBeck - 5 months ago

Carson is....perfection.

Sonojab - 5 months ago

This guy so cute nice dick

Amandeep - 5 months ago

We want diego cruz back

Amandeep - 5 months ago

We want dieho cruz back

Lacdo12 - 5 months ago

He is hot. I loved how much head he got too.

nQyeJJvHUrgF - 5 months ago

What a pretty guy

Amandeep - 5 months ago

We want trevor brown back he is such a stud

dommo26 - 5 months ago

Where's Bryce Beckett? I thought he was going to be the feature on the next video?

rainbowgary - 5 months ago

He is hot.

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