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Home Videos Violet Gains Drains Codi Kaladin!

Violet Gains Drains Codi Kaladin!

 | views: 584786 4%

Experience is going a long way for Codi Kaladin! His first scene went a little faster than Codi had hoped and ended with an early cumshot. Today, he's feeling a lot more confident and full of stamina. Codi's quick to undress Violet and start some foreplay to get things moving. Before long, Violet's on her knees servicing Codi's dick, swallowing the whole thing with ease! As the pace begins to pick up, Codi switches it up and gives Violet the same oral treatment! Now that the foreplay's out of the way and Codi has Violet's pussy dripping, he throws her into doggystyle and shows her how much he's learned since his first scene! Codi nonstop claps cheeks as the camera pans around his muscular body, getting every angle we can as he puts in work on the pussy! Through Doggy, Missionary and Cowgirl, Codi's showing us just how good his dick game is! By the time Violet starts riding him, Codi's feeling great and before long, she's got him shooting cum as she helps stroke it out!

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  • [email protected] -

    No wonder I never noticed him before his latest video. Whoever the camera person is SUCKS! They're getting stupid angles.

  • I_heart_whores -

    I get wanting new girls but I'm a BIG Violet fan so I'm good with her being in every video 😬

  • member223 -

    They're both incredible.. love Codi

  • rosayboy -

    His facial expressions to go with his rock hard body.. THIS is a true HGF star!!

  • longdickturner88 -


  • LaHODLer -

    New Girls In the Que! Coming!!!

  • harlanny -

    Codi is a genetic freak of magnificence, incredible glutes, abs, and pecs!

  • timsure -

    goddamn Codi looks soooo good fucking, can't wait to see even more of him!

    Amazedbyalphas -

    Yeaaaaahhhh budddy

  • spikescorsese -

    I think Violet is hot af personally, so I can't complain about a lot of vids of her. But, I hear you guys. Variety is always nice. Please don't dislike this comment! :(

    Amazedbyalphas -

    Honestly don't worry about people disliking your comments because they are going to dislike even if you say the most positive things. There's a different between be hateful with comments or just giving your feedback of what you want to see different/change as a consumer of the this content. 😊

  • GSanders -

    Hit scene. Hope we see a return of creampies soon though

    memberCfs6FFZ1F2KjYpNh -

    I agree. Codi has been really great. He deserves creampie scenes next time