Mar 08,2019

Wade County Fucks Renee Hurtz

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Hairy hottie Wade County returns! We promised him a smoke show, so we lined up Renee Hurtz and sat back and watched the fireworks. This fuck started off soft and sweet and quickly got rough and hot as these two horny young people pinned each other down and fucked till they were senseless. Thanks for sharing guys! Always great to see two young gorgeous people going at it. That raw, organic, hot sex seemed to be just what the doctor ordered for both of them.

Education level: XXX
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Education level: XXX
# of sex partners: XXX
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collegeboi594 - 1 year ago

Ya'll are aware the site is called "Hott Guys Fuck" right?! If you want to see hot girls fuck you can literally go to any other straight porn sight.

Krausjl2 - 1 year ago

Can we see doe pussy? Or naw 🙄

Awesome - 1 year ago

I agree I really want to see the blonde curly haired guy that’s in the preview!!

blkchoc78 - 1 year ago

Great vid.

HalaMadrid11 - 1 year ago

Anyone know how I can cancel my subscription?

Underdogg - 1 year ago

Renee is amazing

torrancew - 1 year ago

guy change cameramen , all video suck , he always manages to find the worst side of the scenes, no zoom of pussy when fuck, very beginner video footage

hgfismything - 1 year ago

when do we get to see the hot blonde man that was in the preview!?

jinmichaels - 1 year ago

I agree doc tay tay should do a scene with someone on here

sXvgjBvgEpJv - 1 year ago

I can go without seeing this one. Can we get a scene with DocTayTay?

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