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May 25,2020

Please give a warm welcome to our new guy, Raphael Leon! He's got a smile that will light up a room! He's a remarkable young stud. Ambitious, smart, HOT, big dick... geez.. how do you top that? Destiny Mira loves a guy with some goals in life. Her eyes lit right up when Raphael was telling us about all of his endeavors and interests. You know the other time when her eyes lit up like that? When she first laid eyes on Raphael's big fat cock. She goes full on pro-status mode with her crazy head game as always. You know by the look on young Raphael's face, that he knows he's in for one hell of a ride. Super hot hookup with two VERY sexy people!

May 22,2020

Welcome to the HGF Experience! On this very special episode, we have TWO BRAND NEW FACES! Meet hairy hunk Cash Mahomes and sexy sweetheart, Ally King. Ally is a part-time stripper and loves to get down for a good time. She loves treating her men right and Cash was no exception. Sexy and super hairy Cash comes off a bit shy at first but in the bedroom, he becomes an ANIMAL. Pounding pussy with his fat cock, pulling hair, and busting a GIGANTIC LOAD. Seriously... you're gonna have to prepare yourself to witness the biggest cumshot you probably have ever seen. You're not gonna believe it!

May 18,2020

Welcome to the U.S.A. Marcos Acosta! He's only visiting from Hungary, but he thought, while I'm here... I might as well hit up my favorite porn site, HotGuysFUCK, to see if I'm hot enough to shoot a scene! And hot enough you are Marcos! We treated our international visitor right by pairing him up with new sexy teen college hottie, Chanel Summers. She's super athletic, and her body shows it. A collegiate athlete that loves to FUCK hot guys! Chanel, you've come to the right place! The moment Marcos opened his mouth and she heard his accent, it was game over. What a pantie dropper! Things just kept getting better for these two, clearly very physically attracted to each another by just seeing one another in underwear. Then Chanel got her first glimpse at Marcos's HUGE uncut Euro cock and it was game over from there. This was the biggest dick she ever had!

May 15,2020

Victoria Hobbs got all giggly when we told her she was gonna be FUCKING John Murphy. it's always fun to watch how the models respond to each other after being introduced. These two acted all shy and flirty! Both John and Victoria smiling and blushing. As a director, when you see something like that, you know you're about to catch some GOLD in the bedroom. And gold indeed is what we got. John has a big ass dick and it was the biggest tight teen Victoria has ever had. Was a bit hard for her at times to take it... And oddly enough, John admits, he loved the fact that she couldn't handle his big ol' dick. Must be empowering huh John? ;)

May 11,2020

WELCOME TO THE HGF EXPERIENCE! Looking for entertainment? Andrew Wong has enough energy, charisma, and personality to entertain an entire STADIUM. Kim Smiles is more of the shy type at first, but turns super freak in the sheets once she hits the bedroom. We ran these two newbies through the HGF gauntlet, trading underwear, demonstrating BJ form, you name it. If the ice wasn't broken after a warm up like THAT, then we're not sure what to tell ya. Fortunately for us, clearly the ice was broken with a sledgehammer this time because once they got in the bedroom, all sexual hell broke loose... and we mean that in the BEST way.

May 08,2020

NEW HOT COUPLE ALERT! Yes, you heard it right folks... Rj Wildes & Leah Rodriguez take the HotGuysFUCK stage and they do NOT disappoint. Both of these two hold some sort of sexy innocence that makes it so hard to take your eyes off of. RJ may only be 18 yrs old, BUT he has swag and confidence that Leah absolutely loved. Once those first timer nerves were out of their systems, these two horny teens zoned everything out and started fucking as if no one was watching. Hard dick and creamy teen pussy for our new guy RJ... Sounds like one HELL of a first time HGF experience!

May 04,2020

Well hello again Miguel Purdue! This hairy buff teen stud has been away from us at HotGuysFUCK for FAR too long! Blondie, sexy, hometown sweetheart, Alice Arora is back for more and COULDN'T WAIT to get her tiny hands (yes, she is very petite) on some of our big jock cocks. These two hit it off instantly. Chatting it up in the kitchen before their scene, flirting like they were in grade school! Usually when you see that type of behavior, as a director, you know you're gonna see some hot, raw, passionate sex. Watch and YOU be the judge. One thing we know for sure... Miguel busted his nut so hard that DocTayTay had to wipe off his shoes LOL! Not gonna need your 3D glasses for this huge cumshot that caught everyone by surprise!

May 01,2020

Welcome to the HGF Experience! No condom, no problem! That's what new Latin lover boy Gabriel Jaxx said. He's tall, dark, AND most definitely handsome and we are more than PUMPED to add him to the HGF . Cutie with a booty Abbi Richards may look like your local librarian, but don't get it twisted... this babe is rockin' a TIGHT body and loves getting a hot load blasted all over her nerdy little glasses. Oddly enough, getting facialized is a favorite pastime activity for the guys Abbi has hooked up with in her personal life. That trend continues in this chemistry package scene. During the HGF Experience, it's clear that these two were bound to have an electrifying FUCK.

Apr 27,2020

Some might call him "The Notorious" at HotGuysFUCK, we call him Conor Divine! Doesn't this Irish S.T.U.D. resemble his homeland brother Conor McGregor or what?! Superstar and always on her A-game, Destiny Mira shows up to initiate new guy Conor in the proper HGF way by giving him that signature sloppy toppy that Destiny is clearly PRO-STATUS at. A really hot fuck between these two! It got rough at times, then more passionate with some hot kissing while they were spooning. You most definitely will wanna stick around for the cumshot. Our new guy Conor let go a cannon that took EVERYONE by surprise!

Apr 24,2020

WELCOME TO THE HGF EXPERIENCE! LIVE!! New guy Mick Rocket and hometown hottie Michelle Anderson are a match made in HotGuysFUCK heaven. Of course Mick admits he's a booty guy... all it took was one glance at Michelle's PHAT round teen, red-bone ass. Another fun fact, Mick was Michelle's 1st black guy, and you can tell she's knows this is WAY overdue. She's VERY excited... and for a good reason. Mick is packing a monster BBC that's about to dig up in places Michelle didn't even know existed in her tight teen body yet. These two young hotties break the ice and put on a hilarious, entertaining, and SEXY HotGuysFUCK experience. It also revealed that they clearly had some chemistry... and when they finally got in the bedroom, with the studio audience cheering them on from a distance, they totally let their inner freaks out. We have a feeling this won't be Michelle's last black guy...

Apr 20,2020

Experimentation? Yes please! Brock Perry is one fine piece of man meat. Oh ya, he's also open-minded! A hot, young stud down to try new things... That's our type of guy! Clearly Angelica Foster's ideal guy too. This blonde teen bombshell nearly fell in LOVE with hunky Brock. Maybe that's why the experimentation didn't stop at rimming Brock's nice muscle butt. When she got the chance, Angelica was sucking on Brock's feet and toes too WHILE she was riding him! All that stimulation must be a-lot for a first timer... but Brock handled it like a pro and really enjoyed being rimmed! We love this pairing and think you will too! Some real, hot, rough, yet passionate sex! That reverse pile driver position had our jaws on the ground and what a picture perfect facial finish! Angelica LOVED IT! So many firsts for this electrifying young couple!

Apr 17,2020

Welcome to the HGF Experience! In this episode, we have two new sexy young faces. Stephen Mann is our STUD and he is hot and HORNY. Who can possibly match or exceed the horniness of buff Stephen you ask? Allow us to introduce, cutie Asian college girl, Kim Smiles. You may not believe us, but this girl was craving cock SOOO bad when she was here to shoot that the multiple dicks a day on set just weren't enough to satisfy this insatiable slutty babe. In her downtime, she was on Tinder/dating apps looking for guys that were willing to film sex tapes with her. No bullshit. And she got quite a few... At least 1-2/day! This teen has an appetite for DICK! (check out a video she actually produced in secret menu of the site, you will not believe it) DAMN! Well, we hope she brought her appetite for Mr. Big dick swingin' - Stephen. He's packing a major rod that had Kim's tight Asian teen pussy squirting nearly non-stop throughout this hot scene. The HGF Experience got them warmed up to each other and that lead to hard dick and pussy getting pounded. We think it's safe to say that the HotGuysFUCK Experience is truly the ULTIMATE ICE BREAKER. What do you think?

Apr 13,2020

Kendall James loves her sexy jock college boys. If you have seen any of her other scenes at HotGuysFUCK that is evident. However, what you may not have seen coming is that she has a serious thing for huge bodybuilder guys. Why? Because she fantasized about that huge muscle body overtaking her.. being manhandled... you get the just of it. In walks Chris Banner - Mr. Big Shot - BIG man on campus. This young stud just REEKS of ALPHA MALE. For 18yo Kendall, that kind of presence is impossible to ignore. Originally, there wasn't going to be enough time for these two to shoot a scene together, but it was Kendall that begged and pleaded. She NEEDED to scratch her first legit bodybuilder off her bucket list. So we folded and let them ravage each other... Smart move. To top it all off, Chris admitted that teeny bopper slut Kendall was the hottest chick he'd ever been with. What's next Kendall? You let the entire college football team hit it, now your first bodybuilder... who's next on your quest?!

Apr 10,2020

World, meet Matt Mason & Ivy Steele! Possibly your next favorite HOT couple to watch FUCK at HGF. These two are young, horny, and love to show off on camera. Handsome Matt looks like a Greek statue, carved from marble. Ivy is the perfect compliment for a buff uncut hunk like Matt. Ivy is half black/half white and has enough tits and ass to make anyone look twice. She's only 18 years old... You don't see teens built like this very often. Matt loves a big booty and it clearly brought the inner animal out of him in this red hot debut for two smoking hot new models. April 2020 is gonna be straight FIRE at HotGuysFUCK. Hope you're ready!

Apr 06,2020

More Jayden Marcos? Yes please! Kourtney Harris is one sexy, and lucky, ebony queen. She loves a big cock, and Jayden has the biggest piece of white meat she's ever seen. Jayden's body is 10/10 in this update. Super shredded, and impossible to take your eyes off of. Kourtney definitely couldn't while Jayden was beating her guts up with his thick horse cock. Not long after Kourtney feels Jayden's cock stretching and filling her up, she's submitting and calling him daddy, begging for more. Awesome scene! As time goes on, seems like Jayden is taking on more of an alpha role with every new scene... and we love it. More good things to come!

Apr 03,2020

You heard it right folks! Jason Moore is just ONE of the new hot guys of 2020... there are so many more to come! But let's not lose sight of what's important here - Jason is front and center. He's such a handsome young man with a sense of humor and alpha-esk personality. Who are we kidding? This 18 year old looks like he has been on the cover of Abercrombie...maybe he has... hmmm... Staying on topic, the veteran Angelina Colon pops Jason's HGF cherry and what better way to do so than with The HGF Experience - The ULTIMATE Icebreaker Challenge. You could feel the sexual tension building between these two as the game progressed. Angelina knew that beach body Jason was terrified of anything close to his ass, so naturally she had to poke and pry at the chance of rimming him. Did she ever get to taste his young man booty? Watch to find out.